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Alert Customers – When Product is in Stock

Alert Customers – When Product is in Stock

Your customers are busy and may not have time or inclination to keep visiting your store for updates unless they have a specific need.

However, with the “Alert When in Stock” module  you can alert your existing and potential customers when product is available,

How works?

When an products is out of stock (or product status is in list of stock statuses defined in extension admin) customer can set an alert to be notified when product is available again

Features for your customers

  • Keeps them updated about product stock
  • User-friendly interface helps visitors to set alerts within seconds
  • Logged-in visitors just need to click “Send request” link to set alert
  • Guests simply have to enter their name, email address and telephone

Features for you (admin)

  • Send notification automatic (cron job) or manual
  • Makes your online store more professional, intelligent and considerate
  • Helps you manage your alerts
  • and more other features

Check demo to see all options/features

Store Demo: here

Admin demo: here   (user: demo pass: demo)

Alert-When-In-Stock (63.1 KiB)

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