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Online Administrators Monitoring

Online Administrators Monitoring

This module will help you tracking the administrators in your online store. It is useful for top administrator, who wants to keep things under control. You will be able to see what your store’s administrators are doing in the system. You can sort this information by date time and idle time too. This is very helpful if you need statistic about finished job by administrators and the time they were used to do that job. You can use this statistic for planning in the future too. The system treats admins per username & ip address in case that two or more persons are using the same username. You can send commands to force logoff someone if you want 😉

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FEATURES — Version 1.0.0


  • List online administrators
  • Show last click & delay
  • Show history of all actions of administrator per username and ip address
  • Force logoff action — You can send logout command to particular administrator.
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