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smart export/import extension:

the is important:
if it Save a lot of time, help you solve the problem,please rate 5 to this software thanks.

Management of many products is painful, you need to update the mass data, isn’t it?
the function can export/import all product message and categories, support single language.

if you need multilanguage ,please go to
[the multi language]

if you need 2.0,please go to
[the multi language]
Export/Import to Excel the whole data for all your products, including Category / Options

the feature

1.The Smart Export/Import Tool allows to incremental import/export( Continuous import your product’s data with Excel file one by one) data will be inserted. old data is still there,exist data is will modify
3.of all the categories, all message of products , and product options to an Excel spreadsheet file.
4.The spreadsheet file can be edited offline and then be re-imported to the OpenCart database.
5.if system product is exist the excel,it will modify your system product’s message.
if system product is not exist the excel,it will add the product’s message to your system can batch modify your product data ,Such as price or quantity or model or points or seo_keyword or description etc,all the product’s can export the product’s by product_id ,begin product_id and end product_id can export the product’s by batch too
9.the program dont delete your system data,your product’s data is secure

I have solved this problem
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 106 bytes)


install the vqmod mod (v2.5.1),if you use 2.x,must use vqmod 2.5.1

Upload the folders ‘admin’, ‘system’, ‘vqmod’ and their files
from the ‘upload’ directory to your OpenCart root directory. Do not overwrite any files.

How to use:
login your store with admin then
1.system -> users -> user group – > select top administrator -> select all -> save

2.back your database use System -> Backup/Restore

3.system -> SmartExportImport

How to obtain the sample
You can export EXCEL, this file is an example,
you can modify and add new products in the excel,
if you want to add a product, need to add a new product ID and information in excel,
if you want to modify the products, please find the corresponding product ID ,it can be modified.
then upload the excel to system by smart export import

enjoy now

these is very simple ,so you do not need the demo website:)

There are several reasons can cause you don’t see this function Smart Export/Import
1, you modify the the path of admin, such as admin modified myadmin
2, you modify admin\view\template\common\header.tpl
3, you use other plugins, compatibility (this can send e-mail to tell me you website admin and ftp info)
4, you do not have installed vqmod or it is not working properly (1.7 MiB)

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  1. Походу “крыша” сделала свое дело! Ссылки-то где на скачивание? Теперь, видимо, это стало просто рекламной площадкой… Жаль, такой сайт полезный был! Или может я плохо вижу? Кто подскажет как качать теперь?

  2. Где ссылка чтобы скачать?

  3. может кто поделится мультиязычной версией?

  4. OCSHOP – все ок. Как и писали, все тоже самое, что и в бесплатном модуле импорта, но может просто добавлять новые товары, без удаления того, что есть.

  5. OpenCart Работает на ура! Огромная благодарность автору!

  6. thabknyou

  7. При импорте обратно, все время ошибка вылазит Notice: Undefined index: language_id in C:\OpenServer\domains\ocs\admin\model\tool\smartexportimport.php on line 880Notice: Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ ‘Цвета-РјРѕРё’)’ at line 2
    Error No: 1064
    INSERT INTO `tst_filter_group_description` (`filter_group_id`, `language_id`, `name`) VALUES (1, , ‘Цвета-РјРѕРё’) in C:\OpenServer\domains\ocs\system\library\db\mysqli.php on line 41

  8. Короче ребзя попробуйте добавить фильтры сделайте экспорт потом импорт будет вылазить такая же ошибка

  9. Короче я выяснил в чем херня, 2.1 имеет другую систему хранения фильтров по этому глючит. Если кто шурупит в движке карат можно допилить

  10. Вот такая ошибка при Импорте. Как исправить?
    Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes)
    See also ‘System > Error Logs’ for more details.

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