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Super Mega Menu V2

Super Mega Menu V2

++ Latest Update — Upgraded to V2 ++

++Update to V2.1 on 22-02-2014 — added double touch support for top items and flyout (on touch devices — first push opens the dropdown, second one goes to the url), couple of other fixes++

New in V2:

>> Added 3 more menu item types : products dropdown, category with products dropdown and login/account dropdown

>> Added sort order for the top items

>> Added multistore feature for items (you can select for each item in what stores it will display)

>> Added complex color/fonts customization options

>> Added setting to limit the number of 3rd level categories

>> Added option for the subcategories level to be displayed (you can display 2nd and 3rd level in the dropdown, or just 2nd level or none)

>> Added a bunch of other settings and options you can see in the admin demo

>> Redesigned frontend of supermenu

>> Redesigned admin of supermenu, its easyer to add/edit and keep track of the items in admin

>> Increased the responsiveness of supermenu in frontend

>> Rewritten documentation and enhaced it with screenshots

>> See the demos, pictures and video for more…


This module will disable your default categories menu from header and will add instead a mega menu with great features:

+ You can add the items in the top mega menu in the order you want

+ When adding an item to the top menu, you can select one of the 9 menu types:

> Category link (with dropdown if it has subcategories)

> Information link (easyly add an info link in header by selecting it)

> Information dropdown (adds a dropdown with all your information links)

> Custom link (easyly add a custom link in the top menu)

> Manufacturers dropdown

> +More dropdown (you can add a more dropdown with the top categories you cant fit in top bar)

> Products Dropdown (display dropdowns with general store: latest products / specials / bestsellers / featured)

> Category with products (Display a category as top link and a configurable number of latest products from within it in the dropdown)

> Login / Account Dropdown 

You can display up to 3 levels of categories (top category with dropdown of subcategories and its sub-subcategories)

You can display the categories in dropdown as normal list or as images grid

You can add a banner with link in dropdown

You can easyly change the menu background color and links colors from admin

The dropdown banner is multilanguage

The custom html dropdown content is multilanguage

You can specify a custom width for each item’s dropdown

You can specify a custom width for the subitems in a dropdown

The custom link is multilanguage

The menu is integrated with hoverintent

Vqmod and no vqmod versions for convenient installation

[button size=»small» color=»blue» style=»none» new_window=»true» link=»http://buyflo.net/supermenu/»]Демо[/su_button]         [button size=»small» color=»green» style=»none» new_window=»true» link=»http://buyflo.net/supermenu/admin/index.php?route=module/supermenu»]Админка (demo; demo)[/su_button]         [button size=»small» color=»red» style=»none» new_window=»false» link=»http://www.feofan.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/super-mega-menu-opencart-module-v2.1.zip»]Скачать[/su_button]

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