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Custom Product Tab PRO

Custom Product Tab PRO

* Add unlimited extra tabs * Custom sort them * Add default values *

Have you ever needed an extra tab on the product page? If yes, then this mod can help you.
With this modification you can add UNLIMITED number of extra tabs to product page for storing additional information about the product. This is ideal for separating information by context – put the product videos into one tab, downloads into another one, etc. The custom tabs can hold any kind of information the product description tab can contain, because they work just like the product description input.

All tabs (including the OpenCart default tabs – Description, Specification, Reviews and Related Products) can be custom sorted which means that you can completely re-arrange the order the tabs appear in.

You can set a default value for each custom tab separately so that whenever you add a new product, the extra tab fields are already filled with the preset value. Furthermore, you can set the same value for all productsall products from one category or just selected products per extra tab.

You can also hide any of the tabs from customers who are not logged in.

Every custom tab is automatically enabled and available for each product, however you can control the tab status for each product individually or globally and the tab appears on the product page only if you add contents to it or if you force to show tabs with empty content.


  • Unlimited extra tabs
    Add as many tabs as you like
  • Sortable tabs
    Custom sort any of the tabs (including OpenCart default tabs)
  • Fully multilingual
    Add tab name and content in each available language
  • Configurable visibility
    Always show the tab or only if content exists
  • Control tab status
    Tab status can be controlled globally and also individually per product
  • Require login
    Option to hide tabs from customers who are not logged in
  • Multi assign
    Add a single custom tab value to all or selected products with one step
  • Default values
    Add default value for any custom tabs
  • Use admin language value if empty
    Take content from the admin language field for secondary languages when left empty
  • WYSIWYG editor
    Supports the OpenCart CKEditor for adding tab content
  • Integrates with other extensions
    Easily integrate with other extensions that use custom tabs (such as Question & Answers PROProduct Downloads PRO, …)
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CustomProductTabsPROv2.1.0oc151x-156 (1.9 MiB, 350 downloads)

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