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Intelligent Random Products & Category Products Module

Intelligent Random Products & Category Products Module

This extension shows random related products in an intelligent way. You can place the module wherever you want. This extension will show you products depending on where you place it, automatically. You can always force to only show products from the selected category and its subcategories, this makes this extension be extremely powerful, showing any category’s products wherever you want in your store. You could even add products from a chosen category for just one product. For example, suppose you want to add a set of belts for a single trousers.

If you don’t select any category and you leave it in automatic mode, placing the module in a product page will show you products from the same category that product belongs to. You can also add your opencart custom related products that you’ve already set up for that product.

If you place it in a category page, this extension will show you products from that category. If you are in a category without products, then it will search for subcategories to find products linked to them. This is very useful to fill blank category web pages that they don’t have any products in it. You can even configure to show the module only with blank categories. 

Again, if you don’t select any category, placing it in the home page will show you any product in your store. 

We have also added randomize to Opencart’s Featured Products and Special Products. Optionally, enable or disable it.

It has no complication. Just install it and enjoy this new module. Your customer is gonna view always different products. No more static content!

This extension will take care of the rest!

Important: No files will be overwritten, this extension will keep your theme’s design and the randomize work is done in the php environment to not overhead your mysql server and boost performance.

Works fine nearly in all themes even tested in Shoppica2. It also works great with Intelligent Product Labels extension.

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Intelligent Random Products (17.9 KiB, 396 downloads)

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