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Notify When Product Arrives v3.6

Notify When Product Arrives v3.6

A Must Have extension for your store. This extension disables add to cart and display a form to send e-mail to costumer when product is back in store, also supports product options! 

Compatible with OpenCart Versions: to 

Want to know more? Fell free to contact us right now on Live Chat: 

Or by e-mail : [email protected]

* Newer Features (12/02/2014) 

-Added support to Open Stock Extension
-Extension cache usage optimized
-Fixed admin error undefined index

Product Listings support
-Disables add to cart on category, featured, bestseller modules etc…
-You can choose many ways to display form

User friendly
-If costumer is logged, auto loads his / her e-mail to form 
-On product options, display out of stock option name.

Product options support
-users can register for specific a product option, and receive notification when it becomes available

Product status and Customer Group support
-You can disable extension in certain product status (e.g. pre-order)
-You can disable extension in certain customer groups

Multi — Store and Multi — language compatibility
-Extension sends email for each store using correctly store name and admin e-mail.
-Extension sends email in costumer registration language.

Admin friendly
-Extension displays a button on admin product list with the number of customers awaiting products.
-Display statistics and charts on admin panel with request and notify times for each product, you can filter them by name, request time, notify times, date range and keywords.
The filter options and charts are useful to determine what products should be prior restocked
-Admin can choose between automatic and manual notify.
-Admin can receive e-mails that products availability has been delivered to customers.
-WYSIWYG editor for notify e-mail.
-Special tags to customize your e-mail

Worried about spam?
-Extension support to use optional captcha

Want more then user’s e-mail?
You can choose extension to get user name, e-mail, phone, and optional custom field which you can determine what data type you need.

Cross–module compatibility
-Extension ready to work with JNeuhoff’s export / import tool
-Extension ready to work with Qphoria’s Options Boost!

Install and forget
-Extension does all work automatic after stock updates!

Theme / installation support
Most of time, users don’t have install or theme problems, but if you need any help will get it for free, contact me thallescard<at>gmail.com

I use to give support on workdays at night and saturdays. (GMT-3)

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Notify When Product Arrives (231.8 KiB, 632 downloads)

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